Today, entrepreneurs and their employees require comprehensive skills and a strong foundation of knowledge in order to meet all quality and technological requirements.

This must be implemented efficiently and in a targeted manner for company success. The required skills must be learned as quickly as possible which requires constant re-orientation.

These factors and the individual level of knowledge of the individual person must be taken into consideration in a successful training concept. Thus, we offer you training which is tailored to your requirements.

We train from practical experience for practical experience and thus offer training and seminars about the following themes:

  • Dairy industry training – fundamental knowledge of milk
  • Dairy industry training – product customer
  • Dairy industry training – focal point or specialised knowledge
  • Specialised sales training
  • Sensory training
  • Hygiene training (e.g., also including microbiology)
  • QM themes (special divisions)
  • “Learning learning” (e.g. for trainees)
  • Drafting of training concepts
  • Drafting of instructional films

In the event that we have awakened your interest in the training, we would be glad to greet you upon our home page for training and consulting at: